Noelani Barrett

By: Randi Wall


10th grade
Pine High School
Her favorite song is I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin, because she really likes the beat of the song.
Her favorite color(s) is/are pink and blue because they remind her of cotton candy and she really loves cotton candy.
She like to play soccer, she’s on her schools team.
Her favorite food is Mac and cheese because she likes cheese, it has always been her favorite. According to her “Cheese is good for your soul.”
In the future she wants to be a crime scene investigator; she plans on going to Southeastern Louisiana University and major in forensic science.
Her favorite subject in school right now is lunch.
Her Least favorite color is black because it is gloomy and sad.
The color of her bed room is neon blue, because of course blue is one of her favorite colors.
She stabbed her brother in the leg before because he was annoying her. It was to long ago for her to remember why, however.
She has two older sisters and an older brother, she is the youngest child.



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4 responses to “Noelani Barrett

  1. Randi

    Dont stab people.

  2. jacob

    lunch isnt a subject, its an activity. great interveiw tough!

  3. Alma McCoy

    WOW.,We Have So Much iN Commom MY 2 FAVORITE Colors Are Pink & Blue 2.,Nd They DO Remind Me Of Cotton Candy.,iAbsolutely LOOOVE CHEESE.,iHave To Major iN Science As Well iN College.,Nd im the Youngest in My family With 1 Brother.!!!***

  4. Aiyu

    I enjoy watching Law & order because of the intense investigations, so I really do encourage you to be a crime scene investigator.

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