Randi Wall

By: Noelani Barrett

11th grade bound
St. Helena
She doesn’t like sports because being active isn’t in her vocabulary.
Her favorite color is lime green and purple. She likes like green because it’s extremely bright and she likes purple because it can really fit any mood.
When she was little she taught herself how to draw.
She is so good; she spray paints a hawk on the football field for their mascot.
She loves Chinese food. She also believes it’s different.
She uses up most of her free time texting.
She prefers plastic over paper because plastic doesn’t rip as easy as paper would.



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5 responses to “Randi Wall

  1. Aiyu

    You seem like a very talented person and would become a successful artist.

  2. Alma McCoy

    iLiked Her Personality & iSee Taught Herself How To Draw, As iDid, So iBet We’d Get Along.

  3. unknown

    Your porfile is very interesting, because you are different than most people. Its good to be your self.

  4. Noelani Barrett

    I like texting all the time too

  5. Jireh Brumfield

    Nice Talent .

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