Favorite Television Shows

By: Ms. Perry

Because my various jobs require a lot of writing, I listen to a lot of music. My interest cross genres and languages.

4. Sia – “Be Good To Me”

I lucked up on this artist on my Pandora channel. She’s a 37-year-old singer from Australia but by her voice, you’d never know it. Her infusion of pop, jazz, classic R&B and downtempo really calm me down when I’m feeling frustrated with my writing.

3. Emily King – “Never Be Lonely Again”

I owe knowing this artist from Pandora as well. Born in New York City, King is another soul/pop/jazz singer. This song is about a woman who is lamenting losing the man she loves and wants to hold him just one more time. I think broken heart/break up songs are the best because they exude the most passion from the people singing them.

2. Frank Ocean – “Sweet Life”

Stevie Wonder is a favorite artist of mine, and this song reminds me of Wonder’s work from the late 70s, early 80s.

1. D’angelo – “How Does It Feel”  

Hands down, this song [and singer] are favorite.


Esperanza Spalding, one of my favorite contemporary jazz singers singing one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs, which was written by Stevie Wonder.


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  1. Randi

    I have never heard of any of these

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