By: Hannah Garmeson


I enjoy music on my free time because it helps me relax. Music is my life. I listen to music 24/7. I don’t have a certain type or genre of music I like, I listen to all kinds of music.


1. One of my favorite artists is Celine Dion, a song she sings is All by Myself. Another song I like that she sings is Because you loved me. When I looked this artist up I found out that her birthday is March 30th, she is 45 years old.


2. Another one of my favorite artist is Chris Brown. However I don’t listen to a lot of his music but a song I like by him is All Back. I was just looking up artist one day and heard this song and ever sense I have liked it.


3. Another artist I like is Tim McGraw. The song I like most by him is Highway Don’t Care. The video is really good as well.


4. One more artist that I like is Lee Brice. My favorite song by him is I Drive Your Truck. I really like the story behind it.


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  1. britney nicole

    you seem to be very interested into cool music

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