A Mixture Of My Favorite Things

By: Britney Collins

My favorite actor is Kevin Hart, why? Because he’s an inspiration to some people and a comic book to majority.  On days that I’m not in a good mood or not feeling the best I watch or play Kevin Hart movies are comedy shows. Hart

The reason (“Real Husbands of Hollywood”) is one of my favorites with Kevin Hart is because, it’s a reality show an it’s basically not real.  Kevin basically does this show to make people laugh and it’s probably the fakest reality show you’ll ever see. This show would make you think that’s its real but its not.

Favorite Singer

MiguelMy favorite singer is Miguel, because his music is soft and relaxing.  His music is brilliant so far he’s produced eight albums and my favorite is how many drinks? And this album is featuring Kendrick Lamar.

Favorite Sports Player

LebronMy favorite sports player is Lebron James.  Lebron is a competitive player.  Some days he have bad games an some days his games are awesome.  Lebron motivates me in several ways he’s not only a great basketball player, but he also motivates younger teenagers to never give up on there dream and what there willing to successes.  He motivates me in ways to be a better basketball player.  Lebron play very aggressive and calm.  An as long as he lives he’ll always be a motivation to me.

Favorite color

I have many colors that Interest me.  But the color that that I choose to be my favorite from time to time is blue.  Why do I pick the color blue to be my favorite is, simply because it’s calming and relaxing.  It’s just something about the color blue; it’s soothing and touching to me.  When I wear the color blue (SOMEDAYS) it keeps my mood calm and nice and that’s the type of person I choose to be all the time, but I can’t always be this way everyday. Blue


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