Drama Makes Good Television

By: Jasmin Thomas

My topic will be about my favorite TV shows. Some of you may enjoy them and they may even be some of your favorites. I do not watch TV a lot but when I do there are only a small amount of shows and movies that I watch.


  • Bad Girls Club Season 7: Stasi vs. Tasha

This show contains plenty of animosity amongst a group of girls living in the same house. There is a lot of negativity with them but the good thing about the show is that it shows you what really goes on when many different personalities are combined.


  • Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 2 Episode 3

“Love & Hip Hop” is a dramatic TV show. It’s mainly about different men and women who are either rappers or singers coming together in one show. It shows some true meaning about the rap business and what really goes on behind the scenes.


  • ATL

“ATL” is mainly about a big brother watching out for his younger brother as they stay with their uncle. Something good about it is the simple fact that the younger brother has someone there for him anytime he is need.


  • Hit The Floor

This show is about a professional dance team called Devil Girls. A young African-American girl wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps to become of these girls. It was a lot of pressure brought on to her for tryouts, but she went through it and made the team.



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2 responses to “Drama Makes Good Television

  1. britney nicole

    hit the floor is one of my favorite movies

  2. Dernnisha Smith

    Girl, what girl doesn’t love ATL? I do, awesome choice!!

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