Janiqua Cleveland: Not Just An Ordinary Girl

By: Kellon O. Williams 

Janiqua Cleveland is in the 12th grade at Kentwood High School. She enjoys cheer, dance, and shopping. She wants to attend LSU because she thinks the atmosphere is interesting.


Her favorite color is purple because she thinks it sticks out. After college, she plans to become a pediatrician. She says that the best thing that could possibly ever happen would be meeting Trey Songz.

Her favorite movie is “Love and Basketball” because she thinks it’s the best chick flick.

Her favorite artists are Trey Songz, Beyonce, Rhianna, Chris Brown, Big Sean, and Lil Wayne because they all have messages that she can relate to. Her favorite team is the basketball team Miami Heat because they’re amazing. She is from Kentwood and has three brothers named Deavon Kendall, and Keshan.

Her favorite state is California because it’s beautiful and tropical. Her favorite food is spaghetti. If she were rich tomorrow, she would donate to charity and do stuff with home town. Her favorite animal is a penguin and her biggest fear is failure because she just wants to succeed.

Janiqua is no ordinary girl, she’s fun and exciting and a very interesting person over all. It would be so easy for anyone to come to like Janiqua. Take time out of your day and understand why I loved doing this report!







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One response to “Janiqua Cleveland: Not Just An Ordinary Girl

  1. Jasmin

    Even though it’s not posted on this blog, we have a lot of things in common 🙂

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