Listen Up!

By: Randi Wall

These are my four favorite songs. I hope you enjoy them.

First, my absolute favorite is “Make It Stop” by Rise Against. It is my favorite because the video is so sad. It is about three kids who are bullied to the point of suicide but before the actually do it they stop and think about how they want their life to be when they are older and how it can get better. The video is part of the It Gets Better project.

My second favorite is “Jacob’s Dream” by Allison Kraus. The song is based on a true story of two brothers, one 7 years old and one 5 years old, who get lost in the mountains trying to follow their father hunting. Hundreds of people gathered to find them but they weren’t found until it was to late.

Those two are my two favorite sad songs. These are my two favorite fun songs.

First is “Candy Man” by Aqua, who wrote Barbie Girl. It is a really fun, fast, upbeat song. Lastly, my favorite is “Radio Active” by Imagine Dragons. I just really like the sound of the song and it gets stuck in my head a lot.


  • Make it Stop by Rise Against:
  • Jacob’s Dream by Allison Kraus:
  • CandyMan by Aqua:
  • Radioactive by Imagine Dragons:





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3 responses to “Listen Up!

  1. britney nicole

    you have nice intrests in cool things

  2. jacob

    rise against is amazing!

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