Seth Guerra: A Few Left Like Him


By: Dernnisha Smith

Light, long brown hair down to his shoulders, Seth Guerra is more unique than any other person I’ve met at Upward Bound. At the age of 15, he already knows so much about himself and where he wants to end up in life. He attends Independence High School as a rising junior where he participates in band, as well as choir. Seth

Though he likes to stick to himself, he is very polite and thoughtful. He says, “I don’t like to hurt feelings, but I like to stick to the truth and if the truth is too harsh, I prefer to change the topic”. Seth was born July 2, 1997 two months earlier than expected. It’s interesting that Seth doesn’t seem to have a favorite color, he says they all pretty much affect him the same way. Family is important to Seth, but he isn’t looking into any romance relationships, but instead sticking to immediate family.

Seth is very into music and actually plays multiple instruments. He can play piano, guitar, and plenty of horns. On his free time, Seth likes to play chess, listen to music, and act. He has acknowledged that his favorite possession is the baritone. He enjoys Upward Bound and plans to attend college straight out of high school although he isn’t sure about which college he wants to attend.

He would like to major in music and hopefully work in that particular field. Seth is not the teenage boy you’d find sitting on the couch playing video games, but instead you’ll find him writing or doing something constructive. He always has something to talk about. He isn’t conceited, but instead he strives to satisfy other people and make their day.

There aren’t too many people like Seth anymore and you should get to know him because he is awesome.


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