A Few of My Favorites

By: Dernnisha Smith

My favorite songs are by Beyonce’, Kendrick Lamar, and Meek Millz .

Beyonce’ wrote my first favorite song Who run the world. She wrote it to every girl in the world and made me feel like every girl was important on this Earth. In the song, she says, “I work my 9 to 5 and I cut my check, This goes out to all the women getting it in, Get on your grind, To the other men that respect what I do, Please accept my shine”.

She just talks about how just because you’re not a man doesn’t mean you can’t run things. Go check it out for yourself though:

My second favorite song is by Kendrick Lamar  where in this song he talks about things that happened when he was growing up, before he made it out of bad situations. My favorite song by him is “Sing about me”. It’s my favorite because he talks about real life situations like death and how tomorrow’s not promised.

My third favorite song is Dreams and Nightmare because it really gets the mood in a party going. When the crowd hears the song, they start singing along and a person can’t really help it. Though some of it has some stuff that makes you really think, in the moment the vibe is so good you don’t pay attention to the words.



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2 responses to “A Few of My Favorites

  1. Alma McCoy

    That Grl ReAL.,!!

  2. Byronesha Jackson

    Beyonce’ did amazingly on that song!!!

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