From Old School to New School

By: Cody Aucoin

I see music as way to get out of regular lives. Originality that’s what I look for in music whether it’s old school rap to modern day techno. As music becomes more and more common I find it important to express originality. That being said, I find these to be my favorite artist in many different ways but mostly for their originality.

The Notorious B.I.G.

Notorious Was known for His East/West Side feud He is a Pioneer in the Hip hop scene for his album life after death released 16 days after Notorious was killed in  LA.

Evan Duffy

Evan Duffy is a Composer in Piano arts for movies and does covers on a lot of good songs that I enjoy. His originally comes from the way he thinks up the songs he plays and is simply amazing.

Daft Punk

Daft punk is a French duo made famous in 2004 for there album discovery. These are often the known as some of the best techno artist. They spend years to perfect and master there albums. They recently played at the grammys in 2008 for Kayne West.


HeadHunterz is known for having his originality in his songs for getting people pumped up. Headhunterz is the main reason I make music and D.J. If it wasn’t for the amazeing advice he gives I wouldn’t be who I am today in life.



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2 responses to “From Old School to New School

  1. jacob

    nice list man could use one more example tough.

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