Mood Settling Music

By: Brittany Hodges

Because of my strict schedule, I love to listen to music. I generally listen to country and pop, but occasionally I get into soul music. I like any music that is up beat and keeps me in a good mood.

4. Highway Don’t Care- Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift, and Keith Urban

I’ve grown up listening to country, so it only comes natural that I love this song by Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift. Keith Urban did an amazing job on lead guitar.


3. Playing With Fire- Katie Armiger

I’ve only heard two songs from Katie, but both were amazing. They are so up beat and catchy and I love this particular one from her.



2. Radioactive-Imagine Dragons

This song is a little dark and I have no idea why I love this song so much, but I do. I had never heard of this band until my friend forced me to listen to this song and I fell in love with it.


1. More Than Miles- Brantley Gilbert

This song is AMAZING!!! I already loved Brantley Gilbert in the first place and then with him singing this song, I died. It is so meaningful and sang beautifully by him.



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2 responses to “Mood Settling Music

  1. Randi

    It is nice to see a new type of music on here.

  2. Dev

    Pretty good music

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