My Favorite People

By: Isakia Bellazan

B1My favorite rapper is Dewayne “Lil Wayne” Carter. He’s my favorite person because he is really different from other rappers. None of his songs are boring. He is really inspiring. I loved him since I was very young. In my mind he is one of the greatest rappers in the world!



My favorite female singer is Reka. She has a really good voice. I can relate her songs to my life. For example, “Smoking” B2and “Sideline Girl.” They are both very good songs; and the passed relationship I had relates to these songs a lot.

Chris Brown is one of my favorite male singers and actors. I think he have a beautiful B3voice as a man. He is very talent. I also love the way he dance. He could take a boring beat and make it to a fun beat.

He is very active and love doing things. So I know if I ever get a chance to hang with him; that it’ll be very fun! I also think he is a very good actor. He done very good in “This Christmas,” “Stomp the Yard” and “Takers”.

He should get an award in best actor!

My second favorite male singer is The Weeknd. I don’t think he is all the attractive. But he does have a gorgeous voice to me. For some reason his songs seem to have a strong vibe on me. And his voice makes me feel very comfortable. B4

Most of his songs at the end kind of creep me out thou. But most of them sound good. I believe he’s the only on that changes his beat on the same song and sing about the same thing but change it up a little bit.

He’s very unique, no one that is very famous that I listen to does what he has done.



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4 responses to “My Favorite People

  1. Alma McCoy

    Welp.We Agree On 1 Thing.,!!.

  2. hannah

    great artist!

  3. isakia

    I love these people! and I agree with all them!

  4. Byronesha Jackson

    Amazing Artists!!!

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