These Tricks Aren’t Child’s Play

By: Seth Guerra

I came to journalism today and was asked to do a summary of my favorite things. But, dear reader, you and I both know that there is nothing you’d want to read less than a summary of a complete stranger’s favorite things. So I’ve decided to do a bit on the greatest magic duo of all time, “Penn and Teller,” though I’m sure no one will want to read this either.

I’ll try not to bore you with the details (skip this part its pretty boring, the videos are where its at),  but Penn and teller are a magic duo who’ve been performing together for more than three decades, and still do shows in Las Vegas.

If you didn’t heed my advice to skip this and are actually reading, than I will tell you and you alone that I guarantee you, loyal reader, that you will be thoroughly entertained.

This first trick is one of the first tricks from Penn and Teller I watched. It’s a very old trick, but they show how the trick is done and still manage to leave your mind blown at the end of the act.


This next feat of illusion is definitely a bit more extreme than the cups and balls. This is the classic “Catching a Bullet in Your Mouth” Trick. Versions of this trick have been done for centuries, and there are documented cases of magicians being injured and killed doing this trick. Penn and Tellers version is definitely my favorite. ENJOY AND BE AMAZED…


Third is a trick that isn’t as suspenseful as Penn and Teller standing like cowboys and shooting at each others’ faces, but it is another occasion where they show how the illusion is done.


And last but definitely not least is Penn and Teller’s version of the most popular magic trick of all time. They show up on America’s Got Talent and if you haven’t already guessed it, they put a girl in a box and saw her in half. They show how the tricks been done for decades, and then they really saw her in half. This is definitely my all time favorite trick  Well until next time I post on this god-forsaken blog, carry on and be jubilant.



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4 responses to “These Tricks Aren’t Child’s Play

  1. Last one is to funny

  2. Dev

    These are some awesome tricks!

  3. hannah

    fuuny videos

  4. isakia

    I think the last two were very funny!

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