A Few of My Favorite Things

By: Cashmere Hamilton

Favorite Sport:

My favorite sport is volleyball because it taught me self discipline. I knew I had to work well with my team mates in order Volleyto win. When I mess up on one play, I have to keep a positive attitude and try again. The most exciting thing about volleyball is getting a big point and then doing a cheer.

That encourages me to help do it again. I like the sound of volleyball hitting against the floor and then the cheering all over when I walk into the gym during a tournament. Before every game we always say “The will to win cannot be beat.”

Favorite Color:

PurpleMy favorite color is purple because it stands for good judgment and happiness. In the older days it means royalty. In a mood ring the color stands for love.

It’s a beautiful color with some good qualities. I have liked color since I was little. My favorite shade of purple is wisteria. All the shades of color are names after a flower.                           


Favorite drink:

WaterMy favorite drink is water because it is refreshing and essential to my health. Water is a nutrient to ones body.

Water is about 60 percent of our body. Drinking water helps control calories and helps maintain the balance of body fluids. Sometimes when I don’t drink enough water my skin completion begins to get blotchy.  Water gives me energy when I am tired.


Favorite hobby:

My favorite hobby is jogging. I like to jog because it keeps me fit and healthy. Something when I’m stress and go take a jog; afterwards I feel stress free. I like staying in shape and being healthy. I like feeling healthy at all times, it makes me feel good about myself.



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