Lyrics of Emotion

By: Byronesha Jackson

One my favorite things to do are listen to music. I enjoy music that has a meaning and is filled with emotion. Music is a way to relax and have a little fun. I usually find music that relates to me in some way. Whether it be describing me or meaning something to me, it is very enjoyable.

Trey Songz “Simply Amazing”

This song is one of my favorites because it describes a relationship where a guy simply compliments his girl. The videos show a special relationship where the two enjoy each other every chance possible. This involves the romance emotion by showing how there can be a great relationship between a happy couple.

Kirk Franklin “Smile”

Kirk Franklin is an artist almost always seems to make me just “Smile”! This song obliviously describes the happy emotion. Though it can also be described as overjoyed, this song makes a bad day go good. It reminds me that everyday has its downs, but just smile and it would make it better! Remember, “You look so much better when you SMILE!”

Alicia Keys “Girl on Fire”

Alicia Keys is such a powerful woman who sings powerful songs. Girl on Fire is an inspiration to women showing them how there are memorable and powerful. She also reminds them that they are not alone by, in some verses, using the word “we”. I believe that I am a girl on fire! I am memorable and you will never forget my name!

Tamela Mann “Take Me to the King”

I especially enjoy this song by this amazing artist. This song not only has a emotional value, it’s sung with much passion and power to where I feel it in my soul. Tamela Mann is a passionate woman of God whose beliefs are similar to mine. She reminds me that though you may not have much, bring what you have and God will do what’s best.


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