Fangs, Faeries and Werewolves

By: Randi Wall

True Blood is a series on the channel HBO. It is about the life of a small town waitress named Sookie Stackhouse since vampires “came out of the coffin” two years earlier. Sookie herself is anything but normal with her ability to read peoples’ minds. Sookie falls for the new man in her town, a vampire by the name of William (Bill) Compton who has been alive since the Civil War. 

She soon discovers a whole new world full of creatures she never knew existed such as were wolves, shape shifters and maenads (mythical Greek creatures). Nothing is ever boring. I believe what makes this series so good is the lack of predictability I found in it. You never know what’s next. Also they do not just keep it all lovey and mushy. There is actual drama in the story.

In the first season of this gripping show, waitress Sookie Stackhouse meets vampire Bill Compton and finds him instantly compelling. Not long after they meet, girls start dying in her town. Sookie’s promiscuous brother, Jason, is accused of the murders, due to having had relations with both of the women.

Tara, Sookie’s childhood best friend and secret admirer of Jason’s, gets him out of the jail house due to the fact that they can not actually charge him with anything due to lack of evidence. Sookie and Bill start searching for the one who really did kill the girls and meets the very powerful and high up vampire, Eric who in later series comes to love Sookie and help her.

The end of the series reveals that it was in fact Sookie’s friend and fellow waitress’s husband, René, who’s real name was Drew Marshal, who was killing the girls in the town. His motive for killing the girls was that they had had relations with vampires. Marshal had previously killed his little sister some years before for the same reason. Sookie cuts his head off with shovel after he chases her through her house and a grave yard. That concluded the first season.


Sookie Stackhouse: Anna Paquin

Bill Compton: Stephen Moyer

Jason Stack House: Ryan Kwanten

Tara Thorton: Rutina Wesley

Eric Northman: Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgård

René/Drew Marshall: Michael Raymond-James




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