Freedom Writers

By: Ai-yu Chen

Children of all ages from all over the world are being discriminated, either by their skin color, religion, background, etc. They end up growing up to a society with a negative mentality, due to their past and the way they’ve been treated. Truth is all of us want to be left alone, especially when all they know is violence. 

Even though they grew up having to fight for their rights or territory, doesn’t mean it has to go on. Everything comes to an end eventually due to the help of an English teacher, Mrs.Gruell.

Eva is a Hispanic girl who witnessed a murder at a young age. Then her dad was locked up right in from of her, from then on out she knew what she had to do to hold her family down.

All she knew was violence and hatred. She knew no one cared for her so she returned the same attitude. Though she grew up in a hard life and didn’t have her parents as her support, she had to learn the hard way.

When school started at Woodrow Wilson High School , Mrs. Gruell was the new English teacher. She walked in to a new world that she didn’t expect at all.

Even though she was mistreated she still didn’t give up because she had faith in her students. After a while she decided that she needed books but the administrator would rather the books collect dust than to give them to the students.

That motivated Mrs. Gruell even more because she got two jobs to pay for the books. When her husband received the news of her having part time jobs he was upset because that was taking time away from him.  That still didn’t stop what she was doing for her students.

At first her students didn’t feel comfortable with Mrs. Gruell, but later on she showed them that they could trust her. She bought them journals to write in and that’s how she got familiar with their life. Her love for them made the students have faith in school.

As a teacher she worked hard and was committed to job. She brought the students together with peace. The moral of this story is that no matter what you are or who you are everyone is equal. So why fight when you can settle with peace?


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