Jacob Reviews The Venture Bros.

By: Jacob Stull
The venture brothers is an animated, action packed, dark comedy that premiers on adult swim. The show follows the venture family and is a parody of the T.V show “Johnny Quest” with Dr.venture resembling someone whom lived through the events of the show as a child.
The Venture Brothers are Dean and Hank venture clones of Dr.Venture, they are well-meaning but out-of-mindset teenagers.
Brock Samson, the family’s bodyguard, is an extremely violent secret agent whom has a license to kill which he uses quite often. After being kicked out of college, he became an Army Ranger then joined the Office of Secret Intelligence.
And lastly Dr. Orpheus Anecromancer whom rents a portion of the Venture Compound, His character is a parody of vintage comic book magic-users such as Dr. Strange. The shows antagonists are goofy parodies of comic book heroes and villains such as the families self proposed nemesis the monarch. Assuming the role of a monarch butterfly and has been a nemesis of Dr. Venture since college.
The Monarch will stop at nothing to kill Dr. Venture. Accompanying the Monarch is the masculine Dr. Girlfriend referred to by the Monarch as “Dr. Mrs. the Monarch” after their wedding.
“The Monarch”
The show is rather original and features many references to other show/movies. Its dark comedy and action is a great combination of genres and mixes the two well. It features much homage to other shows such as “G.I Joe” and “Johnny Quest.”
Also its art style resembles that of the shows it references. The only negative things I can say about the venture brothers are: it starts slow (the first 6 episodes are kind of experimental). And the brake between seasons is way too long. All in all I give the venture brothers 9/10.

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