Music, Drama, Fashion, Reality

By: Jasmin Thomas


Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta is a great TV show, especially if you like seeing action. You can watch this show on VH1. It proves love, music, and the game knows no boundaries.

The characters of this series are: Mimi Faust, Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez, Rasheeda and Kirk Frost, Erica Dixon, Lil Scrappy, Momma Dee, K. Michelle, Karlie Redd, Benzino, Ariane Davis, Tracie Steele, and Babey Drew. These characters face a lot of chaos on a daily basis with each other.

There is plenty of animosity stirred up between them throughout the show. Every second of this reality show there is something new and different. 

There is so much portrayed in one moment that can not be missed. It contains love, hate, and relationships falling apart in the music industry. These men and women who are either rappers or singers come together in one show. It shows true meaning about the rap business and what really goes on behind the scenes.

Each character has enough drama for themselves. Mimi, Stevie J, and Joseline all relate because he has dated the both of them and is still trying his best to talk to them both. His relationship with Mimi has ended, but there is still love in his heart for her.

He is Joseline’s manager and boyfriend but she has recently broken apart from their relationship. Now, she feels that it should just be business between the two of them and nothing more. I believe that Rasheeda and Kirk are having the most problems with their life and marriage as of now.

She is now pregnant once again and Kirk does not want to have any part in this pregnancy. He is not acting like a real husband. Erica, Lil Scrappy, and Momma Dee should quit arguing and go on with their lives. Momma Dee does not want to see her son, Lil Scrappy with Erica but instead with his ex-girlfriend.

Erica acts as if she does not care about this situation, but most of her actions show that she really does. Karlie has moved on from Benzino and is now more focused on her music business.

I love K. Michelle because she is an all around character. She is cool with everyone that apart of the cast until one of them start dislikes her. I would recommend anyone to watch this TV show. 


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