Twilight Is Just That Good

By: Dernnisha Smith

In the novel series “Twilight Sage”, Bella moves from Arizona with her mother to live in Seattle with her dad. There she crosses paths with both Jacob and Edward. Being the new girl is already hard, but when a complete stranger acts as if you are the most disgusting person in the world, what’s a girl to do? It’s a relationship Bella suddenly developed with Edward on her first day at Folks High School.

From the first time she laid eyes on him, he acted as if he hated her, but when he misses two weeks of school, she’s left wondering if maybe he dropped out because of her. She thinks she’s too imperfect, even enough to run someone out of school. When Edward returns and she notices his eyes change color and he lies about it, it starts a series of questions about him. Both parties are curious about each other, but the reader doesn’t quite yet know Edward is a vampire and they are going to develop an unorthodox relationship. 

Bella and Edward were just freshman in the beginning, but when they’re sophomores, Jacob, who disappeared in the beginning, returns and later turns as a newly changed werewolf.

The problem is that Jacob is a Quileute and the Quileute tribe and vampires, especially Edward’s family, have a long time “rivalry”. Bella, though, is endangered by Edward every day she’s with his because he desires her blood. Edward’s family are “vegetarians”, though, because they only feed on animals. Edward leaves Bella because he feels as if he is a danger to Bella.

While he’s gone, Jacob steps up to make her world all better, but when Bella jumps off a cliff recreationally, Edward thinks she’s dead and tries to kill himself. She finds him and saves him because he’s the one in danger now. Edward and Bella get married after high school, go on their honey-moon and Bella turns up pregnant.

The fetus growing inside of Bella is stronger than her and very nearly kills her, but Edward saves her by changing her into a vampire. In the end, Jacon imprints on Bella’s new born baby, saving her from the wrath of werewolves fear of the baby. When Bella wakes up, she’s not so happy, but the love Jacob has for her is gone and it feels as if this ending was how it was meant to be after all.

The plot is so interesting and just when the reader thinks everyone will live happily ever after, something new happens. I love it and I highly recommend it, I’d give it an award!


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