You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Experienced Twilight

By: Alma McCoy

The Twilight Series is a series written by Stephen Meyer. I love the books and all the movies. My favorite one so far is Breaking Dawn Pt. 1. I say Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 because I haven’t seen part 2 yet. The whole Twilight Series is about love, war, and even more love. The main characters are Bella, Edward, and Jacob.

Bella is madly in love with both Edward and Jacob, but she’s trying to persuade herself that she’s just in love with Edward. Edward and Jacob really can’t stand each other; werewolves and vampires just didn’t mix in this story line. They didn’t begin to get along until the Twilight Series: Eclipse

At the beginning of the series Bella felt her life wasn’t as pleasing so she was always depressed and despondent. Her mom and dad had been divorced; plus her mom was with this new baseball player. Bella ended up moving with her father in a low populated town called Forks.

At first she felt a little indifferent about her decision, but after a while, things began to change. She wasn’t alone there though, she had her dad and Jacob; someone she practically grew up with. Bella had completely forgotten about him. Soon after she moved in with her dad she began school and met the love of her life; Edward. At first the love rainbow wasn’t so colorful for them.

Eventually, though, they both became like magnets; inseparable magnets. Throughout Bella being with Edward, she came to find that there were troublesome times ahead. She made new enemies, friends, and even became apart of a new family.

They went through all sorts of troubling times together, but never once did they depart from each other; except in the Twilight series: New Moon, I wouldn’t call that departing though because they were still in each others hearts. The best part though, was when Bella and Edward got hitched. Anyways I believe I’ve already said too much, so for more information and excitement, I strongly suggest you go see the Twilight Series!


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