“Best Man 2” Can’t Come Quickly Enough For Me

By: April Jackson

The movie, The Best Man, is a really great movie in my opinion. The story starts with Harper returning home, from business, to his girlfriend, Robin. Harper Steward is an inspired writer who just published his new book, Unfinished Business. Harper dedicated it to his best friend, Lance, and his fiancée, Mia.

The book was about his experiences in college. It also features Harper’s affair with Mia. The book was supposed to be published after the wedding. Harper was in for a HUGE surprise. Upon his arrival back home, he and his girlfriend discuss the plans for the weekend. Harper was going to spend his weekend in New York with his friends. You see, Lance and Mia were getting married and Harper was Lance’s best man.

When Harper arrived in NY, he and his friend, Murch, drove to pick up their friend, Jordan. Then, they were going to the club to watch their friend, Q, perform an instrumental piece. In the car, Murch accidently slipped that he had read Harper’s book, and that Jordan read it as well.

Harper was upset about this, but was even more upset when he found out that Q read it as well. Let me tell you guys about Q. Q has been in college for the longest and still is, but one field he knows, and knows it well, is the field of WOMEN!! Back to the story you guys.

However, as long as Lance didn’t get his hand on the book, Harper was cool. However, a thing all changes when Harper finds out that Lance has started the book and is close to the “Affair Chapter.”

Harper tried hard to get the book out of Lance’s sight, but he didn’t try hard enough. Trouble hits at Lance’s bachelor party. The stripers come in and dance for Lance, and then he gives them to Harper. While the party is going, Lance excuses himself to the bathroom to catch on the book.

When he realizes the Harper slept with Mia, ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE! Lance storms out the bathroom and beats Harper crazy. He got so mad that he almost throws Harper off the top of the hotel!

Lance called off the wedding. Now, Harper has to put things back together again. With the help of his girlfriend, Harper manages to get Lance and Mia to jump the broom. At the end, Harper proposes to his girlfriend and they end the night with a traditional dance, the electric slide.

What makes this movie good is the suspense. It keeps your attention and has you waiting for what happens next. If you check out the movie, you’re in for a treat!! Enjoy!!


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