Can You Feel The Heat?

By: Britney Collins

The seasons between the two teams, The Heat and The Spurs have been outstanding this year. The two teams are in the finals right now and will be fighting for the win in game seven for the Championship title.

My team that I’m more interested in is The Heat. Why do I choose the team?   Simply because there a young team and they play very aggressive. I love watching them play, there moves, shots, and team effort is


Starting of with the Miami Heat, they have had bad games and they have had good games.  The good games always lead them into a victory.  When there having a bad game are down by so many point no matter what they never give up.  One thing about Miami Heat every second counts they play until the buzzer beater at the end of fourth Quarter.

Of course they will talk about the loss and the next game there’s a lot of improvement with the team.  Miami has almost the best defense in the NBA nation its unbelievable.   In there season the Miami Heat were on a winning streak, but unfortunally the Chicago Bulls ended there winning streak at game twenty-seven.

This didn’t stop the Miami Heat from grinding to get to the playoffs they won the Eastern conference and defeated the Pacers in the last game to get to the NBA finals, know there’s tuff competition between the Miami Heat and the Spurs.

The Heat is a younger team but, they play with confidence and go out on the court and give it there all.  They are 2012 Champions and looking forward to being 2013 Champions.

The Spurs are very experienced with basketball, why do I think are feel this way?  Well the Spurs are an older team and they have a handful of good people who take contested shots and there not afraid of shooting the ball.  They are the better offensive team at times.

I’m really not big on the Spurs I’m a Heat fan. The Spurs make silly mistakes at times and they get frustrated and lost when there facing good teams like the Heat.

The Spurs faced the Grizzles and they won the Western conference finals so know there in the finals hoping and praying for the Championship title over the Heat.

The finals have come to an end and the Miami Heat took over the San Antonio Spurs and won the championship title, which there a two time in a row championship team.

For the last game the Miami Heat came with the mind set to win there game they played very hard and didn’t get frustrated not a bit.  The Heat kind of had the Spurs right were they wanted them they kind of got the Spurs out of the game.

San Antonio became miserable and lost and it really cost them a lost over the Miami Heat.  Know Miami Heat are 2013 champions.


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