Current State of Robtics

By: Seth Guerra

This is a review… one that will be read by few and passed by without second thought by many more.

The current state of robotics is sometimes not what we expect it to be. Sometimes it disappoints us, and other times it blows our minds with incredible feats of technology. Because I know that near 10% of students have ADHD, I’ll make this short and get to the videos. This first video is one of a humanoid robot dancing to the pop hit “Gangnam Style”

That last video was neat, but robots weren’t invented for dancing. This next video is a very interesting glimpse into the future of robotics. These are called “Disability Robots”; they’re designed to one day give the disabled increased independence and may one day be more common than those crummy, low-tech wheelchairs.

These robots are wonderful! But robots aren’t always the supercomputing, dream machines we want them to be. Sometimes they’re absolute failures that can’t even accomplish the simplest of tasks. This next video will demonstrate just that.

So we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ketchup . . . but we’ve yet to see the dangerous. If there’s one thing that Arnold Schwarzenegger taught me- it’s that robots are contumacious killing machines, and I’ve seen too many Will Smith movies to let you walk away from this article without knowing how to protect yourself from the inevitable global robotic take over.

And if you don’t think that’s possible, let me remind you that you’ve been sitting at a robot this entire time! Mwahhahahahahaha!




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