Don’t Judge Unless You’ve Seen the Show

By: Waltesha Burise

  • “Spread the word. Yeah, the season is over, I believe. But it wouldn’t hurt to spread the word and get more people to “like” this and speak their mind about the topics in the show (teen pregnancy, young marriage, etc).”
  • “It’s all about sex, baby-makin’, and now everyone is getting married…? Seriously? I can’t stand even watching the commercials.”
  • “The general audience for this show seems to be young teenagers… healthy.” 

This page is dedicated to the hatred of my favorite TV show. I feel that this show isn’t just about baby makin’, it’s also about things that could happen to a teenager anywhere at anytime.

It also provides a foundation that parents can use to start and/or continue conversations with teens about sex, pregnancy, and parenthood. This show has discussed many topics that teens may have been to embarrassed to ask they’re parents like sex, relationships, and growing up.

Secret Life of the American Teenager is directed towards teens and tweens because they want to warn us a little bit about bad decisions and how they can lead to many different consequences; pregnancy or unwanted relationships. But Secret Life does a good job of highlighting the pressure that many of today’s teens experience while living in a society that seems to glorify sexual behavior while it’s not exactly realistic, it does mean that the show’s themes are presented in a fairly healthy, heartfelt context that’s both entertaining and non-threatening.

Whoever decided to create this Facebook page has many valid opinions, but I still choose to watch this show because was an amazing TV show


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