Is There A Link Between Video Games and Violent Behavior

By: Jacob Stull 

Yes, violent video games are bad for behavior.

While people are playing video games, you’re putting them in a violent and brutal environment. If you take video game statistics and put them into real life, it’s pretty scary.

While people are playing video games they are not thinking about the damage they are causing, and their behavior totally changes. People defend violent video games and identify them as “stress relievers”. They are not stress relievers at all.

If people are so into the game they are playing, they will feel like it is real life. I have seen my cousins played violent video games and if they ever lost they freaked out. They also think of the main characters as role models and want to be just like them. And it’s pathetic.

my opinion: 
While I do agree you are in violent environment, gamers do know the damage they are causing and they know it’s fictional, and isn’t real.

Many people don’t make the connection to reality it’s a game, now there are extremes with everything. So if you focus on outliers sure you’ll see what you want but if you look at the gaming population as a whole they don’t go on rage fits and live completely normal lives.

Now as far as being main characters you are playing as them living there fictional life so if a little of them rubs off on you that’s common look at book and movies for example: who doesn’t want to be superman or batman?

These characters in violent and non-violent games have lessons they teach, same in books and movies all have there originality


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