Judge Not

By: Randi Wall

The Good Fight Ministries is very judgmental on Marilyn Manson. The Ministries agree with the statement that Manson is “perhaps the sickest group ever promoted by a mainstream record company.”  They also say that Manson’s music represents the worst in music.

They state “It represents an insatiable lust for power and fleshly indulgences with no thought of the carnage it leaves in its insidious wake. We can see how far modern culture has plunged down the slippery slopes of relativism when serial killers are deluged with letters from women who want to marry them and have their babies.

We also see this phenomenon when there are serial killer T-shirts worn by artists, like Axl Rose, and serial killer trading cards. Of course, another telltale sign that we are in the last days is when artists with names like Marilyn Manson make it big. Who would have predicted that many of the world’s most popular artists would be glorifying serial killers and the mainstream medium would give them their pulpits to corrupt our youth.

God’s word speaks of a time when people would be calling evil good and good evil. We have certainly entered such a time.” And also “Marilyn Manson is not so much an ignorant puppet as he is a willing pawn in Satan’s end time strategy.”  Their opinion is very judgment and out right biased.

However, I love his music. It is unique and very self expressive. Manson is not afraid to freak some one out with his music and does not worry how many people will agree with his music or what is sung in the lyrics.

What makes his music good is that while on the surface it may sound some what weird, if you really listen to the lyrics and follow what the song is saying, every one can relate to something in his music.

Also, Manson him self should be viewed as a positive example that any one can be what they want and that you shouldn’t tease any one because you do not know what they will turn out to be, since Manson was teased as a child in high school.


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