Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

By: Aiyu Chen

This show is filled with drama and love. It gives us the impression of their crazy lives as a star. I believe the drama on every episode makes the fans come back for more.

 Episode 9: The Keymaster was one hilarious and unforgettable episode. I agree with the critics because I don’t think that Mimi should’ve accepted the car from Stevie J, because now he believes that she’s not going away from him for long. The only reason Stevie brought her that car was to show off in front of Nikko.

Since Nikko bought Mimi that knock off Rolex Stevie has something to laugh about. Now Nikko has the impression that Mimi doesn’t mean much to him. Plus Mimi thinks she’s worth more than she’s worth, and that’s where she went wrong at. She sets the wrong standards for the guys she dates, but she expects them to look at her like she’s a fine piece of diamond when she’s not.

I think that Nikko is to self centered and Mimi is hungry for attention, so in the long run they won’t work out.

I agree when they said that K Michelle is always throwing something at someone or always hitting them. All in all nobody can amount up to the things that K Michelle do because she keeps it real with everybody, and she doesn’t care. Even though she’s the start of the drama for almost every scene, she has her reasoning.

I can tell that she doesn’t hold her tongue for anybody and that’s just how she is.

 All in all I agree with the majority of the reviews on this episode, because I believe that Mimi is making the wrong decisions.

She’s only open to money and material things but she need to learn to tell the knock off and the real apart. K Michelle is the realist female on the show because she doesn’t hold back for nobody.


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