Now Hear This

By: Justin Fernandez

The Background: 

Electra Heart is the second album written by Marina Diamondis, or Marina & the Diamonds. She is a Welsh singer/songwriter who rose to fame with this album.

The songs on the album are as followed: 1. Bubblegum B*tch, 2. Primadonna, 3. Lies, 4. Homewrecker, 5. Starring Role, 6. The State of Dreaming, 7. Power & Control, 8. Sex Yeah!, 9. Teen Idle, 10. Valley of the Dolls, 11. Hypocrates, 12. How to Be a Heartbreaker, 13. Radioactive, 14. Fear and Loathing, and lastly, 15. Living Dead. The album was released on April 27th, 2012. It is considered an electronic pop album.


My Review:

This is the best album on the market. I own every song on it. It is beautifully written, and I cannot stop listening to it. My favorite song on the album is: Teen Idle. This song can be interpreted in many ways. I interpret it to be about Marina’s teenage years. It is a time in her life when she feels depressed, and “conned.”

She craves to be something that she is not: a bottle blonde, idol teen, and a virgin pure. This is something that many teenagers want. They want to feel accepted by others, so they try to ‘fit in’ by being something that they’re not. This song describes different stages that a depressed person goes through: Jealousy: “I wanna be a bottle blonde”, Anger: “I want blood, guts..”, Loss of Faith: “Burning up the Bible.”, Regret: “The wasted years, the wasted youth.”, and Isolation: “Oh god, I’m gonna die alone.”

Overall, this album is an all-time favorite of mine.


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