Robbing The Poor To Feed The Rich

By: Cody Aucoin

Ol Dirty Bastard a.k.a. Russell T. Jones, was a founding member of the New York hip-hop the Wu-Tang Clan which rose to prominence in the 90s.

Outrageous 1995 MTV special that featured the rapper picking up food stamps in a limo, he was viewed first as a original rapper but now is criticized for getting food stamps while being wealthy.

According to a recently released cache of FBI files, he was also along with members of the Wu-Tang Clan allegedly heavily involved in the sale of drugs illegal guns, weapons possession, murder carjacking and other types of violent crimes lending credence to their celebrated song, “Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing ta F*** Wit.”

People like Ol Dirty want food stamps when they don’t deserve them. I think people like him should rot in jail because of this.

I don’t support the he thinks but theres no argument hes dead because of drugs because he has enough money to buy drugs but not food. People like him make other people who need it suffer.

So food stamps need to be stricter with who can obtain before I can support them again. But as he said its like getting free money.

Well if everyone did it then the world wouldn’t need real money everything would cost more and cause a depression in the economy so when people abuse the system they spend there money on luxuries instead of requirements. So it really hurts the tax payers wallet’s for them to do this


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