Were We Really Needed In Iraq

By: Dernnisha Smith

We’ve all heard the name Sadam Hussein, right? We’ve heard about the weapons in Iraq that were harmful to OUR country, right? We also heard about when Sadam was found and executed.

We all just knew he was dangerous! There were never any weapons found, though! What justified the military staying there years after he was gone.

When civilians weren’t in harm in America anymore, why did Iraq still remain so important to our government? Is it our business how their government works and what they do overseas? Let’s talk about the facts…

December 31, 2011, we all cheered because our troops were home and safe and Iraq was no longer a problem. Today, I ask, though, was it worth it to begin with?

More than 4,500 Americans died and 32,000 were wounded. Four in ten of all the soldiers who made it back home suffer with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). When our soldiers got home, they were breathing and they looked healthy, but then again they weren’t exactly the same as before. They were paranoid, or uncomfortable in crowds, and they felt as if everyone around them was out to get them.

Many of the soldiers mental states never returned to the way they used to be, but there is not help for them. Does anyone care about them when they are finished fighting for our home? Are they any use to us anymore? I’ve been trying to figure out why the soldiers are committing suicide and why no-one is doing anything about it, but who cares, right? Someone’s father or son, mother or daughter, cousins, aunties, and uncles died, but our country moved on and it’s ridiculous.

The truth is, our soldiers should’ve left Iraq a long time ago. When Sadam was no longer a problem, the people had a right to have their family back home. If we would’ve pulled away a long time ago, maybe the blood spilled could’ve been lessened. It is absolutely ridiculous the amount of time we spent in their country.

When Sadam was gone, the people had to be protected from a solitarian government, but when the government left, the Iroquoians were in horrible shape. I don’t believe for one second that we were in Iraq because of Sadam and weapons only, our country wanted something because they are greedy and they didn’t leave until they had what thy wanted.

They didn’t care about our soldiers out there and definitely didn’t care one they were home. I believe our questions need answers from the source of this pain in our hearts. The government needs to talk to the people.


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